The Legends of Muskie – Episode 55

Legends of Muskie

Episode 55 brings you the Legends of Muskie, Angling panel from the 2019 Muskie Odyssey. 6 of the very best muskie anglers on the planet on one stage. The Legends of Muskie: Shawn Maher, Jim Saric, Mike Lazarus, Bill Barber, John Anderson, and Rob Cadeau come together to talk about the tactics and strategies that […]

Muskie Odyssey Women’s Panel (Part 2) – Episode 54

Episode 54 is part 2 of the amazing women’s panel discussion from the 2019 Muskies Canada, Muskie Odyssey   Previous Ugly Pike Episodes: Muskie Odyssey Women’s Panel (Part 1) – Episode 53 Olivia Michaud – Episode 52 Glenn McDonald – Episode 51 Brent Bochek (Part 2) – Episode 50 Lac Seul Trip Review – Episode […]

Muskie Odyssey 2019

This past weekend, I had a chance to drop into the 2019 Muskie Odyssey at the Garnet B Rickard Complex in Bowmanville, Ontario. This event is bi-annual and has never been held in Bowmanville before. Judging from the crowd—and the opinions of the show’s participants—it’s a great location with a good possibility for a return […]