Easy Way to Put a Trailer Hook on a Spinnerbait

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Fishncanada.com’s youngest contributor, Lucas Cairncross, shows you how to put a Trailer Hook on a Spinnerbait—the easy way.

Never Without a Stinger

The Fish’n Canada boys are no stranger to the importance of the trailer hook (or stinger hook), either. In this outtake from the popular Fish’n Canada episode, “All Access Smallmouth,” Pete describes the importance of adding a stinger to your spinnerbait when fishing for smallies.

“Never throw a spinnerbait for Smallmouth without a stinger hook,” Pete says. “Just don’t do it.”

Pete’s 2017 trip to Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan may have been a total bust if not for the last-minute implementation of a stinger hook to his swimbait. Over the course of a day, Pete had grown increasingly frustrated by the enormous number of Northern Pikes short-striking his bait. Thankfully, he knew just what to do. Check out the full episode by clicking the following link: Fish’n Canada Episode 477: “Short Strike Monsters.”

Pete demonstrates adding a stinger hook to your swimbait (as seen in “Short Strike Monsters”):

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