Here is an interesting one for you

If you think life is not fair to you then try being me right now! The fishing season is upon us and I’m basically a one armed bandit. Somewhere along the line since around Christmas, I have developed some kind of wrist problem… and it’s brutal pain. I can’t even come near to setting the hook with my left arm (using a right-handed baitcaster). When I set on a crappie in the spring with that arm I nearly dropped to the bottom of the boat.
I tried the doctor’s prescription stuff (like Celebrex) but nothing worked. Upon recommendation from my doctor I decided to go to a Physiotherapist to see what they could do. As you can see from the picture they’re definitely doing something!!! I’m getting Accupuncture and Physio to try and put me back into “fishing form” again.

I’ll let you know how I make out. If this stuff works, I swear it will be a miracle come true!!!

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