Maniac Boater Terrorizes Anglers

Do you ever wonder what goes through people’s heads to drive them to do insane things? Well, we certainly do, and this story keeps us scratching our melons!

During what we are sure was an otherwise normal fishing day on Rice Lake in Ontario, a cluster of anglers in boats (25-30 vessels) were rudely interrupted by a maniacal boat operator. Unfortunately for Mr. Powerboater (aka Bobby Dazzler), somebody captured these shenanigans on camera.

This apparent owner of the lake circled and drove between the anglers’ boats many times, creating enough wake to almost cause them to capsize.

Randy Crossen, 48, of Cobourg, Ontario, was arrested and charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He will appear in court in Peterborough on Nov 25th.

It is obvious that we do not condone the actions of Crossen. We are all about everybody having their fun on the water, including powerboaters, jet skiers, sailboaters, etc., but that must reciprocate back to us as anglers.

Was alcohol involved? Was Crossen simply having a bad day? Did Crossen feel that there were too many fishing boats in one area? Does Crossen indeed own all of Rice Lake? Is Crossen so naive that he does not realize that pretty much everyone in this world always has a video camera with them? Maybe Crossen is just embarrassed that he owns a pink and baby blue boat?

Hopefully, we will find out on Nov 25th when this whack-job confesses.

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