Moose Trapped In Home Saved By Firefighters (And A Tarp)

Firefighters, Alaska Wildlife Troopers and members of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are shown with the 1 year old bull rescued from a resident’s basement.

Firefighters in the town of Soldotna, Alaska (approximately 240 kilometres from Anchorage) had quite the time getting a 500- pound moose out of  a resident’s basement recently. Having fallen through a window well into the basement while apparently nibbling on some vegetation, the moose was in dire straits. To retrieve the animal, a novel approach was used: once tranquilized, the huge animal was carried out of the basement with a tarp by six firemen.

Members of the rescue team planning their next move.

Once outside, the moose, estimated to be around 1 year of age, was revived, quickly regained consciousness, and was none the worse for wear. But, oh boy, what a ride!!

One very relaxed moose enjoying the ride...

(Photos courtesy of CBC)

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