The Verado 600: 600hp, 7.6L, V12 Outboard = Crazy Power!

Well, Mercury Marine has gone and done it again. You read that title right, they just introduced the jaw-dropping 600hp, 7.6L V12!

Wow-what a beast!

This new powerplant is in the Verado engine family, which is known to the industry as bulletproof.

These outboards are targeted at the saltwater segment of the boating world as most freshwater boats simply aren’t rated for that much power. And get this, they are designed to mount on 27” centers… which means someone can mount more than one on the same rig!!!

1200, 1800 & 2400 Horsepower!

We can only imagine the images and videos that will be coming soon.

Some of the new Revolutionary features are the steerable gearcase and an industry-first two-speed transmission.

Automatic Two-Speed Transmission

The two-speed transmission allows maximum torque and acceleration in first gear for that outstanding hole shot, then it silently shifts to second for efficient cruising and thrilling top speed. Mercury says “No shift clunk. No limitations. Only smooth, impressive power”.

Independent, Steerable Gearcase

This revolutionary steering system is controlled electro-hydraulically for instant response. The outboard does not move above water.

Check out the image closely, you can see where the black meets the silver (lower unit), that only the very bottom of the motor turns. Now that’s different!

Contra-Rotating Propellers

Check out this awesome prop design created to run in a contra-rotating configuration. They were designed to put boats rapidly on plane while delivering outstanding handling and fuel economy while cruising.


As per usual, Mercury has done it again, revolutionizing the boating game!

Now the only question is who will build the first bass-boat to accommodate this beast. Maybe we’ll soon see the birth of FNC II?

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