Trout Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow April 23 is the 4th Saturday in April, which means all the trout fanatics, as well as anyone else with pent up fish fever, will be legal (at 12:00:01 am) to start out their 2016 open water fishing season. It’s actually a site to behold, watching all the anglers wade the streams in search of the first hit of the year. If you’re not an angler, we still recommend taking a walk down a river or creek and watching these diehards in action. Places like the Ganaraska River, directly down town Port Hope and north, will be dotted with anglers. If you were to drive HWY 2 from Pickering to Newcastle, you’d see every little bridge crossing with a car or 2 or 3 or more parked somewhere close by.

Trout opener in southern Ontario is huge. It brings in a lot of money to smaller communities and best of all, it allows everybody a great opportunity at not only lots of fish, but a trophy as well.

Good luck Trouters!

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