Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

The Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show Is just Around The Corner

Are you going to the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show?

Caution When Traveling On Lakes
Brad Schlorff our safety expert, retired Staff Sergeant with the OPP talks to us from the Texas Gulf Coast about snowmobile traffic and caution when traveling on lakes.

Hawk Lake Lodge Has Monster Walleye
Ted Putnam is the owner of Hawk Lake Lodge near Kenora. This award-winning all-inclusive lodge, offers trophy fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass, with a strict catch and release policy. Angelo discusses the merits of a conservation program to preserve the large spawning adult fish.

Honorable Michael Tibollo Talks About The Connection Between Mental Health And The Outdoors
Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions for Ontario, the Honorable Michael Tibollo, shares the sobering statistics about mental health issues. Minister Tibollo is a strong believer that the time spent in the outdoors is great therapy for reducing stress!

Start Planning Your Spring And Summer Camping Trips
It’s time to start planning your spring and summer camping trips. Sarah McMichael from Ontario Parks has some tips for those who would like to learn to camp and a few suggestions about hidden gems in the provincial parks system.

Kayak Fishing On Panama’s Wild Coast
Scott Gardner from Outdoor Canada magazine just returned from a saltwater kayak fishing trip in Central America. The fishing was spectacular. Did Scott take his own kayak? How did he select the area, and what did he catch?

Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show
The top RV and Motorhome retailers, and experts from the industry, will be at the International Centre for the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show. The show Director, Shannon O’Callaghan, joins Angelo with a preview to the show, which runs from February 27th to March 1st.

Jumping off Rick’s Bar
John Winters is a Retired Park Superintendent of Algonquin Provincial Park and now the producer of the Outdoor Journal radio. On this week’s show, John joins Angelo to talk about his Jamaican trip.

The Best Quick Strike Rig for Monster Pike
The Doc is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoor magazine in the country, on this weekend’s show Gord talks about his recent blog on Quick Strike Rig for Monster Pike.

17 Replies to “The Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show Is just Around The Corner”

  1. It sounds so, so enticing with all the “hoop-la” and “Shangri-la-de-da” thoughts of that paradise on earth. Yes, indeed-e-do!

    Here are the “scheme”atics according to them:

    Toronto’s Spring RV Show is the only RV Show produced by the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (C.R.V.A.)who have teamed up with the largest R.V. Dealers in Ontario to offer consumers the best deals on your new RV . This exciting one of a kind show will showcase the largest display of RVs from respected Ontario retailers of every Model and Type of RV and for every budget!

    Wait ! There is more ! :

    Mark your calendars for this event! Learn about the R.V. & Camping Lifestyle from experts and talk directly to Manufacturer Representatives about the right Recreational Vehicle for your family. Pick up your Camping and R.V. accessories in the huge 11,000 square foot Parts and Accessory Great Canadian RV Super Store in Hall 5. Shop for 4 days but only pay once! Parking is always free! Entrances located at Halls 1, 2/3, and 5. Pick up your show map when you arrive and start shopping! There are 5 Halls with exhibitors so don’t forget to download our Show Mobile App!

    Wow! “Luring” in the CROWDS with tempting tid-bits of delectable deception. It sounds so, so enticing, eh?! Assumptions and Augmentations. Bangles and Bureaucracy! Cornucopias and Co-habitations. The A-B-C’s of outdoor life. All this foofaraw and complacency in exchange for commonsense.

    Pontificating their trade as if the deadly Corona Virus does not exist. Relying on your greed and pride to draw you in, crawling on your hands and knees. Your outright arrogance squeezing you like an Anaconda, until your last dying breath leaves your body. All the while, the Corona Virus is stalking you everywhere, a Vampire Bat ready to suck the life blood from your emaciated veins.

    My oh my, the Embalmers, Funeral Directors and Undertakers love this sort of mindset. Their business continues to grow. Commonsense will tell you (if you have any at all) their industry has been most profitable during the Corona Virus pandemic. Anyone want to get in on the “ground” floor of the profession? They could use a helping hand, Zombies or otherwise. They won’t “let you down”, at least not yet.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not against fishing or anything to that regard, but I am not stupid by any means. The health and safety of me and my family can not be bought by any corporation commercialization. EVER !!

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