Fishing Hook In Deep

BRING ON THE PAIN As time passes during an angler’s life, the adage of “the more you do, the better you get” is absolutely correct (at least in my opinion). Time on the water equals experience. Through this time, safety and caution also become a learned behaviour. An example might be tripping in the boat […]

Weekend Fishing: Highs and Lows

I’ve got a couple of things to talk about today. First off is a family camping trip we took to a beautiful spot—Desert Lake near Kingston. My family, along with my wife Leisa’s friends Kelly, Kim, Marcy, and their families, took off on the long weekend and had a blast. FISHING WITH TANK Desert is […]

Summer Bass Fishing Trip Ends with Massive Largemouth

Pete Bowman with two big Bass.

Man. What a weekend. All I wanted to do was go fishing and, as usual, delay after delay occurred. I did a guest spot on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show with Angelo on Saturday morning and rushed home because we had to drive to Alliston to help move the wife’s sister into her new place. […]

Hunter Goes Fishing for Crappie

I finally got out on the water, and what a gorgeous day it was. I took the wife and my four-year-old boy Hunter Crappie fishing for the day. The fishing wasn’t anything to go nuts about, but the company was great. This was Hunter’s first full fishing outing, and he did quite well. We fished […]