Fishing Carp From a Boat

In a recent Fish’n Canada episode we featured Carp fishing on Rice Lake. Ang and I learned a ton on this shoot as we put our Princecraft to use… not a normal practice while Carp fishing. I used the same boat in a previous show but in a different manner. During that show I put the […]

Hunter Goes Fishing for Crappie

I finally got out on the water, and what a gorgeous day it was. I took the wife and my four-year-old boy Hunter Crappie fishing for the day. The fishing wasn’t anything to go nuts about, but the company was great. This was Hunter’s first full fishing outing, and he did quite well. We fished […]

The First Blog by Pete Bowman

Pete Bowman at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show.

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first blog post. As I start to write, I can honestly say that up until a short time ago, I didn’t know what a blog even was. I was told by Joe, our web guy, to write about anything I want. Which seems weird to me but, hell yeah, […]