Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

Location: Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 52.242′ W077º 0.585′ Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a small Bass bay on the north side of Kashwakamak Lake. The key to this bay is the wood and cabbage weed—perfect for both species of Bass. Any Bass bait will work here. Just be aware that it can […]

Fish Talk – Lighten Up

Hiya folks, Lighten up. That’s what I want to talk about today. And what I mean by “lighten up” is a lot of anglers think the heavier the line they use, the stronger the line and the better their chances are of landing fish. But you’ve got to hook it first, and the way to hook […]

Fish Talk – Choose The Right Hook

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about hook shapes. When would you use a normal J-shape hook versus, say, an extra-wide gap? A lot of folks think you choose your hooks based on the fish that you’re fishing for. That’s not the case at all. You actually base your hook on the soft plastic […]

Fish Talk – Wacky Hooks

Hiya folks, I’m actually rigging up to go fishing one of my favourite ways—that’s using a soft stick bait and rigging it wacky-style. And all wacky-style means is taking your hook and hooking that soft plastic right through the middle. The critical thing when you fish wacky-style is making sure to use the proper hook. […]

Fish Talk – Secure Your Stickbait

Hiya folks, Y’know,  one of the most innovative baits to come around in the past decade or so are these stick baits, the Senko-type stick baits. And you can rig these things wacky style; you can put them on a drop shot rig; one of my favourite ways is to rig them Texas-style, where they’re […]

Hotspot – Adapting to Conditions

Hastie Lake – N46° 13.974′  W82° 46.623′ Today’s Hotspot is an area of Hastie Lake that was frog-scum free and had some beauty fish on it. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Under normal conditions, I would highly recommend a popping topwater like a Pop R, but if that doesn’t work then […]

Tools Of The Trade – O-Ring Senko

Wacky-rigging soft stick baits is an extremely popular modern day Bass fishing technique for both Smallmouth and Largemouth. Placing the hook in the middle of the bait allows for a very unique and lifelike drop as the stick bait descends towards the bottom. There are two thoughts on rigging wacky style. The first is to […]

Maritime Smallies – Episode 465

On this episode, the boys are located on the Saint John River in New Brunswick, one of the most famous Salmon rivers in the world. But they’re not in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon. Last season, Ang and Pete were on the legendary Miramichi River, a couple hundred kilometres from Saint John, chasing down Striped Bass. […]

Soft Stick Baits In The Junk – Episode 445

Hardcore Largemouth Bass anglers tend to be a pretty focused and enthusiastic group. Opening day for them is like Christmas morning for kids—complete with all the toys! In a typical Bass boat, you’re likely to see rod and reel combos that could include six flippin’ sticks, five pitchin’ poles, and four wormin’ rods, each rigged with […]

The Great Race – Episode 435

Here’s a Fish’n Canada shoot with a “do or die” situation for you. Back at the office, Ang and Pete were having a rather concerning production meeting about the constantly changing shooting schedule and how they were going to pull off the last episode of the season. Consulting the calendar, they realized they only had […]