Fish Talk – Wacky Hooks

Hiya folks,

I’m actually rigging up to go fishing one of my favourite ways—that’s using a soft stick bait and rigging it wacky-style. And all wacky-style means is taking your hook and hooking that soft plastic right through the middle.

The critical thing when you fish wacky-style is making sure to use the proper hook. You always want to use an octopus-style hook with a short shank and as wide a gap as you possibly can. The reason for the wide gap is once you put your soft plastic on, you’ve got lots of space now with the hook point still sticking out. You got lots of room to hook that fish.

The reason for the short shank, on the other hand, it kind of complements the package. You don’t have a lot of wire sticking out and so it looks like a nice, neat package.

You pick an octopus hook with a wide gap—as wide as you can get—and then you fish it wacky-style, you’re gonna like the results.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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