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This was our second trip to the Miramichi Striper Cup and on this trip, we came with a couple of buddies. 

In a nutshell, we attended the Eric Lindros Easter Seals Charity Hockey Tournament in the fall of 2022. In that event we auctioned off two trips, this being one of them. A couple of great dudes from Peterborough stepped up to the plate and donated handsomely for this trip.

Fast forward to the spring of 2023 and Kirtus Evoy and Ben Logan were joining us on an Eastern Canada adventure based out of the city of Miramichi, New Brunswick.

The Striper Cup is just part of this trip. It’s more about just being able to get out on the Miramichi River and test your angling skills (as well as hand strength we might add) on this world-famous Striped Bass fishery. Add to that the authentic east coast attitude exuded by all, and it equals one damn good trip.

We weren’t so much worried about how we’d finish in the Cup as we were about our guests having a great time, learning some techniques and catching a few fish.

Well, all three of those pretty much happened. We didn’t win the derby, however, we do think the boys learned a plethora of stuff and for sure they caught Stripers. 

Mission accomplished.

This was the slowest we’ve seen the Miramichi fishing in all of our trips… and it was still outstanding. We just couldn’t connect with any big Stripers. Numbers were no problem though.


Although we have known the potential of “Perspective” view on our LiveScope, fellow Garmin user Jeff Wilson from NB has further strengthened our need to use this screen.

That said, pretty much every fish-finding screen on our Garmin’s was used on this shoot. Traditional, ClearVu, SideVu and of course LiveScope in Forward, Down and Perspective. This is a fishery that is more about finding fish than it is about finding structure or cover (at least for us it is).

We’d venture to say that at least in Canada, we cannot think of another location in which fish of all sizes, including big ones, stack up like they do in this (the Miramichi), as well as most eastern Canada Striper migration routes. 

Here’s some cool Striper footage for you to view… These are deep Stripers near the big bridge just upriver from the Rodd Miramichi.

Note the nav screen above on the left side of the combo. Many parts of the river are still uncharted. Always proceed with caution.

This is what a whack of big fish look like on Garmin’s LiveScope Perspective View. If you were to use this view only on a day on the Miramichi, you would soon see the value of adding this fish-finding screen into your arsenal. As you can see, the fish show up like LED lights! 

The Miramichi River may be the ultimate venue to get a great look at what a bunch of fish schooled up look like on your fish finder. Here we see lots of fish on both our traditional screen as well as our ClearVu screen. Doesn’t it make you wanna’ be there right now???

Fish'n Canada

The Fish’n Canada Show first aired in 1986 with phenomenal success. In 1988 the program went coast to coast on CBC, the first North American weekly fishing show to broadcast on a national network. In 1992 the show went into syndication adding Global Television Network, prominent CTV and affiliates, and several cable networks. The move resulted in unprecedented fishing audiences. With the addition of WFN U.S. and The Sportsman Chanel Canada today the Fish’n Canada show dominates the airwaves with a national weekly reach of 3.5 million and ama of over 450,000 easily making it one of the most-watched “outdoors” programs in North America.

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