Fish Talk – Feathered Treble Hooks

Hiya folks,

I want to talk today about feathered treble hooks.

One of the neat things about being a multi-species angler is that you can learn things fishing for one species that work as well—or better—for another. And that’s what happens with feathered treble hooks.

Y’know, it’s almost impossible if you’re a Bass angler to find a lure that doesn’t offer you at least one model with feathered trebles at the back. It’s a focus point for the fish. It provides us with some extra flash, some contrast, and it even looks—when it’s wet—like a natural fishtail in the water.

Make yourself some feather trebles, buy them, or simply replace them. Take them off a Bass lure and put them on the back of your favourite Walleye crank and you’re gonna see, some days, that lure will produce two, three, even four times more fish.

Try it this season. I think you’ve got a new trick you can take to the bank.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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