Fish Talk – Migration Routes

Hiya folks,

What I want to talk about today is that difficult period of the season between spring and summer. It’s relatively easy to catch fish when they’re shallow, whether they’re Walleye, Bass, or Pike in the springtime cool water period, right after the season opens. And it’s also relatively easy to catch them in the summer when they bunch up on their summer locations. It’s the period in-between spring and summer that drives anglers crazy.

Here’s the secret: If you know where they are in the spring and you know where they’re gonna be in the summer, look for the migration routes. A migration route is a natural highway along the bottom of the lake. It could be a depression, it could be a natural channel, anything that the fish can use to travel from one location to the other. And any time you can find structure or cover along the way on that migration route, you’ve found the restaurants and the truck stops for that period in-between.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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