Fish Talk – Rig Electronics

Hiya folks,

When I look around my boat—and I’m sure my boat’s just like yours—I’ve got so many electronics on my boat these days. I’ve got a Vantage electric on the back, I’ve got a foot control up front here, two GPS sonar units on the console, and another one on the front casting platform. And here’s the key point: I’ve rigged every one of those things myself. It’s not nearly as difficult to rig the electronics yourself as most folks think it is. Just follow the instructions.

Easy to do, but here’s the reason to do that: You can customize and place everything on your boat exactly where you want it. The other thing is when you do it yourself, you can go a little bit overboard in terms of waterproofing the connections, double-wrapping them—even triple-wrapping them.

And if you ever have trouble with your electronics, it’s usually pretty minor. And when you’ve done it yourself, you know where all those connections are located. They’re easy to get at, easy to repair.

So this year when you get your new sonar or you get that electric trolling motor, give a thought to rigging it yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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