2020 Fish’n Canada Christmas Wish List

We as anglers really love our “stuff”. Be it gear, gadgets, the latest & greatest, whatever it may be, our equipment is awesome. Of course, we never know what to get and if there is a bit of a budget constraint (should I buy this cool new what-cha-ma-jigger or maybe food for the family… hmmm… FACE SLAP-REALITY CHECK) we always opt for what is right… RIGHT???

Well then, why not add your fishing desires to your Christmas list. Heck, you can always go out and get new undies and socks, those are classed as essentials (for some) so get that pen out, start an email or word doc, fire up the text bubble because it’s time for YOU to ask for YOU!

Ho, Ho, Ho.

Garmin STRIKER Cast

We recently wrote up a web post about this great idea that Garmin has come up with. Why not allow shore anglers a shot at reading the depth of the water, seeing the fish AND creating a brand-new fishing map? And all from the confines of the shore. All of this and more BTW, can all be done with a cell phone (not included). You cast the STRIKER Cast out, and an accurate signal communicates with the operator’s cell phone.

Talk about a cool gift!

A Fishing Oriented Multi-tool

You will never catch our team on the water without our multi-tools. The problem with most tools though is their “multi” list does not really cater to anglers. One company however has at least added a couple of items to help us out. The best current models we have found so far are the Leatherman Charge, Surge & Wave (we miss the Gerber Fisherman… too bad it’s gone). Not only do these tools have the standard needle nose pliers, but they come equipped with a functional set of precision scissors as well as a fine diamond file to aid in touching up dull hooks (remember, you’re starting out with sharp hooks… RIGHT???). Those two features alone can help you immensely, the rest are a bonus!


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