Hotspot – Walleye on the Rocks

Onaman Lake – N49° 55.552′   W87° 34.985′ Today’s Hotspot is a shallow rocky point on Onaman Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. We found the Walleye up extremely shallow early in the day and had to carefully drop a jig and minnow among the rocks. By midday, the Pike moved […]

Campbell River, British Columbia

This month’s hotspot is along the Picturesque Campbell River in British Columbia. You can easily access this Hotspot via a Whitewater Raft with Destiny River Adventures. This Hotspot is a fly-fishing only area of the Campbell. While there, Ang & Pete used small bright colored sinking flies with weighted lines and tippets to get their presentation close to the bottom… a key in this area.