What Line is Best For Your Popper

I’ll admit, I’m technically classed as an Old-Schooler. And trust me, there’s no embarrassment factor involved. That said, I am always looking for “new and improved” in every facet of fishing. This piece is about reverting to the basics—in this case, the fishing line. This photo shows you the ultimate in Old School, the classic […]

Peter Hart – May 11, 2019

Peter Hart from Mercury Marine is Angelo’s guest. The 9.9 hp outboard giveaway contest is underway, with the next motor to be awarded on May 15th. Merc has new features in the 2019 product line, and Peter has the details.

Classic Tutorial: Fishing for Water Clarity

THE CHOICE ISN’T ALWAYS CLEAR A crystal clear lake. A muddy river. These different types of water bodies call for different types of bait. Water clarity can be a huge factor in determining what items in an angler’s arsenal will yield positive results. In this classic Fish’n Canada tutorial, host Angelo Viola explains and demonstrates […]

Fish Talk – Crankbait Retrieve

Hiya folks, On a recent “Fish Talk with the Doc” segment (for The Outdoor Journal Radio Show), I was talking about how absolutely phenomenal crankbaits can be, especially in the fall for Walleye, Smallmouth, Northerns, muskies—virtually every species we fish for. And the key is always banging this bait off the bottom, off rocks, logs, […]

Fish Talk – Disposing Soft Plastic Baits

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about disposing of your soft plastic baits properly. Soft plastics these days, whether they’re stick baits, worms, frogs, or grubs, you can buy them impregnated with scent and heavily salted, so when fish pick them up they feel so natural and taste so good, you get a great […]

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2) – Episode 491

As mentioned on the previous episode, Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1), we hosted and filmed the inaugural Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, where 16 two-man teams from various provinces competed for three-and-a-half days to catch one of Canada’s strongest freshwater fish! The teams were set up in designated “pegs” along the Long Sault Parkway on the […]

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1) – Episode 490

The Fish’n Canada Television Show has taken a turn in the last decade or so in that we are now looking at Carp as a viable target fish species as well as a great television subject. “Back in the day,” says Angelo, “we were like most other Canadian anglers… we didn’t even consider Carp fishing. […]

Ganaraska Steel – Episode 489

It’s been quite some time since the Fish’n Canada team has put a river Steelhead show together. With this slice of sportfishing being so popular, we had to “don the waders” and hit the river. THE GANNY The water that Pete fished for this episode was the upper portion of the Ganaraska River. The “Ganny”, […]

Fish Talk – Fall for Rats

Hiya folks, I want to tell you about one of the most exciting ways to catch fish. That’s with a frog, or a mouse, or a rat. Throw it across matted cover—some of the thickest, mattiest, weediest cover you can find. I’ll tell you another little secret: Some of the biggest Smallmouth we catch every […]