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Angelo Viola is one of Canada’s most recognized and respected outdoor enthusiasts. Having spent most of his life in pursuit of the ultimate outdoor and fishing adventure, it is only natural that his love of nature landed him the “best job in the world” as co-host of The Fish’n Canada Show, as well as The Outdoor Journal Radio Show.

Today these programs air in 12 countries in six different languages. In North America the television shows air in over 200 markets weekly and according to Angelo, “The best is yet to come!” His career as a broadcaster has blossomed to include several other non-outdoor related worldwide broadcast productions such as “The Last Cull”, fishing’s first ever reality television series.

Angelo is always making his presence felt in the outdoor industry and is known as one of the leading designers of new and innovative fishing tackle and outdoor gear. His knowledge makes him one of the industry’s most sought after product endorser, and has several very successful product campaigns affiliated with his name. His natural on air delivery has endeared him to audiences worldwide. As a public speaker Angelo is at ease whether talking one-on-one to a 3 year old, or on stage delivering a seminar to thousands of people.



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Pete Bowman, is one of Canada’s favourite fishing show hosts with his “tell it like it is” on camera delivery. He started fishing at the tender age of four and by his early teens had the vision, desire and determination to make it in the fishing world. This resolve earned Peter a position on staff at The Fish’n Canada Show.

The outdoors is Peter’s full time job and is his first love. Peter is well received and is sought after for outdoor and fishing related events. With “you’re just one of the boys out fishing……I love that!”, being the common reaction from Peter’s fans, it’s easy to see why Peter is such a beloved television host. That connection with his fans is something that Peter promises to never lose. He loves the outdoors so much that he spends over 150 days a year chasing down his green finned friends.

When on vacation, Peter’s favourite activity is, you guessed it, fishing!

Television is not the only format that Peter excels at. He’s also an accomplished still photographer and writer. He’s been published in various national magazines. He takes on every project including television as a perfectionist and never gives in to “it’s good enough”. Everything needs to be just right.

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