Boundary Dam Reservoir, SK

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Location: Boundary Dam Reservoir, Saskatchewan
GPS: N 49° 05.67036’   W 103° 01.45230’
Species: Largemouth Bass

This Hotspot is a unique Largemouth Bass area on Boundary Dam Reservoir in Southern Saskatchewan. It sits adjacent to what’s called the pump-house—where water is taken in from the reservoir and used to cool down the generators and turbines at the local hydro station. Areas like this pump-house always attract different forms of baitfish which, in turn, attract predator fish like Largemouth Bass.

Even though some of the immediate waters surrounding the concrete walls is very deep (25+ feet), don’t let that fool you: Largemouth swim and feed here daily. The south side of the building has the shallowest water with lots of weeds—another very productive spot. Our best presentations here were drop shot Senkos and tube jigs but it would pay to experiment.

As always, please fish this area with caution. Any time pumps are involved extra care needs to be taken for angler safety.

[flexiblemap center=”49.09451,-103.02420″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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