Kabinakagami Lake, Algoma, Ontario

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Location: Kabinakagami Lake, Ontario
GPS: N48º 55.000′ W84º 20.378′
Species: Walleye

This Hotspot on Kabinakagami Lake in Ontario’s Algoma Country has Walleye of all sizes roaming around it—but there are some specifics.

Rig: Jigs tipped with minnow imitations and curly-tailed grubs. Technique: Look for big boulders among sparse weeds. Also, stay away from the green scummy weeds. When your bait gets covered with this stuff, move a little bit to where the bottom cleans up.

[flexiblemap center=”48.916667,-84.339633″ width=”100%” zoom=”14″ title=”N48º 55.000′ W84º 20.378′” description=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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