Lake of the Woods Trifecta

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N 49°32.829 W094°30.170

This episode’s Hotspot was one of many that we found on Lake of the Woods in northwestern Ontario.

We say one of many Hotspots because Lake of the Woods is arguably the best freshwater, multi-species fishing lake in all of Canada… and that says a lot for this waterbody.

Expect to catch both Walleye and Smallmouth Bass here, and don’t be surprised if an aggressive Pike takes a shot at your presentation.

The typical jig and some kind of plastic will always work here but don’t neglect suspending jerkbaits or deep diving crankbaits from the Yo-Zuri 3DB series.

When all else fails, try using a live bait presentation.

For all of our waypoints, check out our Hotspots page.

DEPTH: 10-20 Feet

PRESENTATION: Casting, Drifting, Trolling

BAITS: Jigs, Minnowbaits, Crankbaits, Live Bait

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