Lake St. Francis Smallmouth Bass

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Presented by Garmin

N 45°07.315 W074°25.306

DEPTH: 15 – 22 Feet


BAITS: 3 ½ – 4 Inch Dropshot Specific Baits

This Hotspot is a large underwater rise in Lake St. Francis along the mighty St Lawrence River.

The waypoint above puts you there.

This is a very typical Smallmouth Bass area where the fish sit at the front of, or on the shallower portion of a depth change, and wait for passing prey. 

The Smallies here aren’t picky and will usually hit well-placed presentations. Early in the day worked best for us.

We ran dropshot rigs with small 3 ½ to 4-inch finesse plastics with ⅜ to ½ ounce dropshot weights.

To fish this Hotspot effectively, we started up-current and drifted down.

Once we found the fish, we anchored our Garmin trolling motor and then cast up-current and let our presentations slowly drift downstream. 

A natural presentation is key here.

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