Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan (2)

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Location: Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan
GPS: N51º 10.189′ W105º 18.763′
Species: Northern Pike

Here’s another Hotspot from Saskatchewan’s Last Mountain Lake. Big Northern Pike spawn here and then take a bit of time to feed before moving to deep water.

If you’re here and the fishing gets tough—or your hook-up ratio goes way down due to short-striking Pike—downsize your baits and most definitely add a stinger or trailer hook if possible.

A slow retrieve helps put your bait right in the Pike’s mouth, ensuring a better chance of hooking up.

Baits: Yamamoto and Big Hammer Swimbaits
Presentation: Cast and reel
Water depth: 4-6 feet

[flexiblemap center=”51.169817, -105.312717″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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