St. Lawrence Largemouth

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N 45°02.318 W074°29.065

DEPTH: 2-8 Feet

PRESENTATION: Pitching and Flipping

BAITS: Worms & Flipping Jigs

This Hotspot is a perfect example of quality weed growth which is essential to creating good fish habitat.

The waypoint above will get you there.

This portion of the St Lawrence River has an unbelievable amount of varied weed growth. There are reeds, bullrush, milfoil, cabbage, coontail, eel grass etc. etc.

As you move downstream into the more open water areas of the river, there’s much less weed development and thus, a lot less weed-oriented fish species as well.

We visited a couple of other areas of the river to try and depict different types of weedy habitats that Largemouth are attracted to. 

One was a river system with lots of lily pads mixed with grass.

Another was isolated reed beds which are also an essential weed type for Largemouth Bass, Pike, Smallmouth, and Sunfish to live among.

To reiterate our point in “this” episode: without weeds, we as Canadians would have little to no Largemouth! Help us protect our rich and fertile underwater world, and do your part in the battle against invasive species!

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