Sturgeon River, ON

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Location: Sturgeon River, Ontario
GPS: N 42° 35.364’    W 82° 32.839’
Species: Whitefish

This Hotspot is a section of the Sturgeon River in Northern Ontario. This river pool loads up with Whitefish in the fall making them easy to access with a boat. Though it’s limited, there is access from shore as well.

Try casting and slowly reeling a small #2 spinner right through the school of fish. Whitefish, in general, are somewhat hard to hook because of their sucker-like mouth but a steady, sweeping hookset will usually do the trick.

If you’re releasing fish then please try not to exhaust them during the fight as they are quite a delicate species.

By the way, though: Whitefish taste great either smoked or fried.

[flexiblemap center=”49.68147,-88.00538″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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