Hawk Lake, Ontario

Angelo Viola with Hawk Lake Walleye

Location: Hawk Lake, Ontario GPS: N49º 45.384′ W094º 02.631′ Species: Walleye This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is on the main-lake side of a point leading into a shallow boulder bay on Hawk Lake in Northern Ontario. With the bottom here being so flat, look for fish on your sonar. By using a combination screen of Traditional, […]

The Giants of Hawk Lake – Episode 503

This season marked a return trip to Hawk Lake Lodge, and this one was a special one. Along with the anticipation of amazing Walleye fishing, the crew was also able to meet up with a long-time fan of the show, Dustin Moncrief. At age 17, Dustin was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer. This […]

Gord Pzyer – April 06, 2019

The Doc is the award winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine, the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoors magazine in the country. Gord talks to Angelo about Ice out on the Lake Of The Woods and how bringing live bait fishing is a big mistake. You can read all of […]

Lodge 88: Keeping It in the Family – Episode 494

Fishing can be different things to different people, for me (Angelo) it’s food for the soul—especially when I share it with a good friend or loved one. Nothing nurtures a relationship like a trip to the perfect fishing hole. North to Adventure’s Lodge 88 is just such a spot. Situated at the bottom end of […]

Fish Talk – Big or Small

Hiya folks, Let’s say I’m taking some folks out and they’ve never caught a lot of fish before. Say we’re going Walleye fishing and we’re looking for numbers and I want to give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When numbers are important, I’m going to choose a bait like a jig, a small jig, and I’m […]

Mazinaw Lake, Ontario

This month’s Panfish Hotspot is a tiny portion of the massive Mazinaw Lake which is a great place to teach kids the finer points of fishing. It’s important to remember when fishing with kids, it’s all about catching lots of fish… not necessarily big ones. Trust us when we tell you, as long as they’re catchin’, they’re happy! Try 3 – 8′ of water. When fishing with kids, live bait is always our #1 choice (Worms, Minnows, Leeches), either under a float or still fished below the boat. Be sure of all local live bait regulations as per the MNRF laws.

North Wabasca Lake, Alberta

This month’s Hotspot is a Walleye and Pike breakline adjacent to a weed edge on North Wabasca Lake in Alberta.

Esnagi Lake, Algoma, Ontario

Today’s Esnagi Lake Hotspot is a small cove at the end of a point that loads up with Pike and Walleye. The key to this area is… Baitfish. Start out with a fast moving presentation like a Spinnerbait or Jerkbait and then follow up with a jig and live bait combo. On overcast days, early in the morning or late in the evening, work the shallows and as the sun comes up, move deeper.There are lots of snags here in the form of logs and rocks so be prepared to lose some jigs!

Lac Coughlin, Quebec

This month’s Hotspot is a break close to an island on one of Moose Territories Lodge’s many Walleye lakes. Work the entire area from shallow to 20+ feet. Start with some form of live bait and if the fishing is crazy then change to artificials. Trolling, jigging or simply dragging live bait are all great options.

Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta

This Alberta Hotspot is a flat near the narrows that separate the 2 large sections of Lesser Slave Lake. This is an area that needs lots of searching since the fish will not sit in one specific “spot” for very long. Typical of a flat, this area has groups of Walleye moving in and out at different times. Try trolling spinners tipped with worms or Walleye style crankbaits or dragging a Jig & Dropshot combo. Vary your speeds.