Longevity in Fishing – demo

One thing that Pete and I can claim in the fishing world is longevity. The meaning of the term is simple: “Long life.” 

We most definitely have a… errr—cough, grumble—few combined years in the world of fishing. That includes not only with our rods and reels, boats and motors, tackle and line; it includes driving trucks that tow our rigs. Honestly, we’ve been towing boats on trailers for over forty years. That, my friends, is true longevity.

As I state in the above video, our Ram trucks make the task of towing, as well as everyday driving, ultra-easy and, of course, safe.


Let’s look at towing a boat. At first, it may seem like a daunting undertaking. Don’t be deceived. Going in a forward direction is pretty straight forward—pardon the pun. Aside from making wide turns when towing a longer rig like our 20-footer, everything else is quite natural and easy to get used to. With a smaller boat like a 14-footer on a trailer, honestly, we sometimes forget it’s even there!

Backing up, however, that takes some practice. Through lots of time (there’s that longevity again), we’ve become pretty adept at backing our rigs into the tightest of boat launches or the smallest of parking spots.

When you add the option of the 360-degree surround-view camera, backing up a trailer has never been easier. It’s all about practice, practice, practice.


Let me bring you back into our world of fishing. 

In the heat of tournament battle, we need as much knowledge (past and present) as possible.

When Pete and I practice for a fishing tournament, we try and put as many days as possible on a particular body of water. This sums up to an increasing wealth of knowledge up until the event. If we do the same tournament every year, that knowledge accumulates into the longevity factor. Every bit of positive and negative information goes into the fishing knowledge bank and can be accessed when needed. 

How about bait selection in specific types of cover when hitting other bodies of water? Well, I can pretty much bank on the fact that a pegged, Texas-rigged plastic worm or creature bait that I’ve been firing into slop mats for the last 30 years is going to work on any Bass-holding slop patch wherever Largemouth are present. It’s up to me to find those productive patches and then execute with my tried and true weed-penetrating presentation.

I’d bet, through experience, that this slop mat harbours a Largemouth or two. It’s a perfect spot to punch my Texas rig through. Been there, done that!

Here’s another: When Pete walks the bank of his favourite Brook Trout creek, he knows (through time and experience) that the hotspots are the undercut banks that hover on the surface of an outside creek bend. Often, there’s a little Speck tucked into the shade of the overhead cover, waiting for a morsel to drift by.

We’ve learned in both of the above scenarios, time on the water is the crucial factor. Again, it’s all about longevity.


Let me just say, partnering with a company like Ram makes our lives on the road and away from our families much easier. We call it the ultimate in peace of mind. 

Having a tow vehicle that delivers a worry-free drive from the Greater Toronto Area all the way to Canada’s East Coast and then back home again a couple of days later allows us to concentrate on what we do best: produce a great fishing show for our devoted audience. Our Ram is a reliable truck that gets the job done! 

With our long road-trip destination reached, we can now concentrate on launching the boat and filming an exciting Fish’n Canada episode.


Now, do you want to hear the epitome of long life in our world? How about catching a 75-year-old Lake Trout or a 100-year-old Sturgeon? Those, my friends, are great accomplishments and a true application of the term longevity!

Enjoy your time on the road and on the water.

– Ang

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