Muskie In Toronto? You Betcha’

Image courtesy of CTV.

When thinking “fishing” in the Toronto area the first thought that comes to most people’s minds is Salmon and Trout in Lake Ontario. After all, there are lots of fish swimming in the big water and, on a calm day, it’s an extremely viable fishery.

Next would be the excellent Pike, Bass, and Carp fishing in the Toronto Harbour area. We’ve even done television episodes there showcasing these great fishing opportunities.

However, there’s a new kid in town (at least from what we’ve heard) and it’s Canada’s #1 aquatic apex predator… the Muskie.

That’s correct, CTV recently posted an article stating a fishing guide named Will Sampson, caught what he referred to as a unicorn in the Toronto Harbour, a Muskellunge.

The fish measured 43.25 inches long, which is a decent-sized Muskie.

Will, obviously, first thought that the fish was a big Northern Pike, and justifiably so – they have the exact same body shape. However, once he saw the unique markings on the sides of his catch, he instantly knew it was a Muskie.

One thing we can say for sure is that the patterns and markings on Will’s fish are stunning. If all Toronto Muskie resemble this one, trophy Lunge anglers will be quietly drifting into the harbour.

Here’s the CTV story.

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