Football has the Superbowl, hockey has the Stanley Cup, baseball has the World Series, and fishing… well it has to be the Bassmaster Classic. Although there are other bass fishing tournament organizations that are at a super high level,  (MLF/Bass Pro Tour “Redcrest” as an example), it just seems like “The Classic” sits atop the bass tournament fishing heap. 

This year’s three-day champion was Justin Hamner from Northport, Alabama. We here at Fish’n Canada have been following Justin’s socials etc. since he’s affiliated with both Yo-Zuri as well as Garmin (sort of team members if you will).

This year’s Classic win was a true testament to working with quality products and putting a game plan together. 

Although Justin stated he used a variety of techniques and baits throughout the event (normally you just can’t compete with only one pattern), his main pattern seemed to be working a suspending Jerkbait on Yo-Zuri T7 fluorocarbon line while looking for fish on his Garmin LiveScope screen. Jerk-baiting and scoping truly go hand in hand as someone proficient at both techniques will quickly learn the attitude of the fish and compensate with whatever it takes to start loading the livewell.

To see Yo-Zuri’s line of suspending Jerkbaits, go to their website and look up lures like the 3DB Jerkbait, the 3DB Jerkbait 110 and the 3DB Jerkbait 110 Deep. As well, they have a second line of suspending jerkbaits called the Hardcore Minnow Flat in multiple sizes. Both series of baits work phenomenally!

Add a Garmin LiveScope system into the mix (like Justin did) and you have a dynamic combo of finding fish and then executing the capture in one exciting “game”.

Congrats to Justin in this huge accomplishment!

As well, congrats to our four Canadian anglers for making the Classic (a feat that is extremely hard to do) which included Cory and Chris Johnston, Cooper Gallant and last year’s Classic Champion Jeff Gustafson. Thanks for waving the Canadian flag high guys!

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