POLL: Which Fishing Line Do You Prefer?

This week’s poll is a great one: Which Fishing Line Do You Prefer?

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you chose your answer!

Don’t forget to tune into the Livestream on Friday, September 11th at 12:00 PM to see the final results presented and discussed!

FINAL RESULTS – September 11th, 2020

Fish’n Canada’s Thoughts:

This one absolutely shocked us. We can’t believe so many of you have made the transition to braided line and so few to fluorocarbon. It wasn’t that long ago that monofilament would have easily represented more than 80%, but we are thrilled to see such a movement from old to new—even though, in this case, old is new. Let’s not forget that Dacron was the original braided line and the most common fishing line used in the post-war period and through to the end of the fifties. In fact, it wasn’t until the early sixties that mono actually took over.

Angelo: “Well, I thought this one would be a slam dunk when we take into account poll number one, baitcasting versus spinning. I assumed that fluorocarbon would win this, hands down, with monofilament being a close second. Although for me, a braid main line with a fluorocarbon or mono leader is the order of the day; you just can’t go wrong with this combo.”

Pete: “I thought fluoro would be higher and mono would be slightly lower. Interesting. It shows how all of us think differently when it comes to line.

“I hate light braid in the wind. One mistake with slack line and it’s twist city around the rod tip. I hate it equally when it tangles at the spinning spool, leaving a nice tiny knot that you look at and wonder WTF? What a waste of time. With that said, it’s usually angler error to begin with and, of course, I still use it. I love heavy braid when fishing frogs in slop or dunking thick milfoil beds with a heavy weight. I like 10-12 lb braid for light Walleye cranks on spinning. I love the same with the addition of a fluoro leader (as Ang said above) for spinning/Smallies, finesse Largemouth, trolling Brookies, and jigging Walleye. I like ultra-light braid for panfish.

“I love fluorocarbon on a baitcaster in the 15-17 lb range for most of my open water plastic bait fishing. Just the right amount of stretch (yes, it stretches) yet still having good sensitivity. I love flipping/pitching 20-25 lb fluoro. All my bass crankbait fishing is with 12-14 lb fluoro. The odd time I will still run straight 8 lb fluoro for Smallies, Walleye and Trout.

“Mono is my deal for topwater fishing. It floats and is forgiving when I still manage to screw up with it.”

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