Asian Carp: Why We Need To Be Worried

Asian Carp

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources collected invasive Asian Carp yesterday for study using “electrofishing” equipment that stuns the fish, at Barkley Dam about 1,000 KM from Lake Erie. This video will show you what might happen if we get Asian Carp in our Canadian Lakes: We published a study that warns Asian Carp […]

Katchewanooka Lake, Ontario

Location: Katchewanooka Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 27.038′ W078º 15.828′ Species: Carp This Carp Hotspot is a deep drop-off in front of Lakeside Cottages on Katchewanooka Lake. It’s a perfect Hotspot for guests at Lakeside as they can simply walk out of their cottage, cast out a line, then relax and wait. Mike Williams (owner, Lakeside Cottages) […]

Long Sault, Ontario

Location: Long Sault, Ontario GPS: N45º 01.513′ W074º 53.592′ Species: Carp This Hotspot is directly in front of the winning “Peg” in the 2017 Carp Cup. Although Carp anglers should not expect to catch 1,000+ pounds of fish in this Hotspot every weekend, the winning team proved that the potential is there by catching well […]

Otonabee River, Ontario

Pete and Will with a double-header of Otonabee River Carp.

Location: Otonabee River, Ontario GPS: N44º 16.430′ W078º 19.410′ Species: Carp This Hotspot is an easy-to-access deep hole in the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario—all of the incredible Carp action for the Fish’n Canada episode “High Traffic Carp” was captured here. As Pete Bowman proved in this episode, Otonabee River fishing can be enjoyed mere […]

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2) – Episode 491

As mentioned on the previous episode, Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1), we hosted and filmed the inaugural Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, where 16 two-man teams from various provinces competed for three-and-a-half days to catch one of Canada’s strongest freshwater fish! The teams were set up in designated “pegs” along the Long Sault Parkway on the […]

Hotspot – Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2)

St. Lawrence River – N 45° 1.350′ W 74° 53.711′ Today’s Garmin Hotspot is Peg #4, which was the winning peg at this year’s Fish’n Canada Carp Cup. This was a fantastic spot during the event, with Sidi and Maxime into fish pretty much for the entire competition. The beauty of this Hotspot is you […]

Gettin’ There – Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2)

To get to today’s Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, we first drove east on Highway 401. We then took Dickenson Drive south to Highway 2 at Ingleside. The stretch along Highway 2 from Ingleside to the town of Long Sault on Ontario’s St. Lawrence River is, without a doubt, one of the best Carp fisheries in […]

Did You Know? – Carp: Canada vs. the World

Did you know that Carp fishing is completely different in Canada than in other parts of the world?  The Common Carp has not always been revered in Canadian waterways and, in fact, is still considered a nuisance fish by an overwhelming number of Canadian anglers. Not native to Canada’s lakes or rivers, the Carp was […]

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1) – Episode 490

The Fish’n Canada Television Show has taken a turn in the last decade or so in that we are now looking at Carp as a viable target fish species as well as a great television subject. “Back in the day,” says Angelo, “we were like most other Canadian anglers… we didn’t even consider Carp fishing. […]

Hotspot – Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1)

St. Lawrence River – N 45° 1.539′ W 74° 53.611′ Today’s Hotspot is an area close to “The Pines”, which was the winning peg during last year’s competition. The key to this Hotspot is to cast close to the current seam, which is a natural feeding area for all species of fish. Sweet corn and/or […]