Batchawana Bay Smallmouth – Episode 504

Would you believe that Angelo and Pete have never hit the waters of Lake Superior for Smallmouth Bass? “EVERY TIME” they drive by this beast of a lake, while traveling north on Highway 17, they say “man we’ve gotta’ hit Superior for Smallmouth”. Well for this shoot, Pete finally got the chance to venture out […]

Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia

Location: Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia GPS: N59º 18.091′ W126º 38.585′ Species: Lake Trout This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is directly off a point on British Columbia’s Long Mountain Lake which leads towards a saddle and an underwater hump. On a past Fish’n Canada episode shot at this location, we didn’t have to dig too deep […]

Hotspot – Walleye on the Rocks

Onaman Lake – N49° 55.552′   W87° 34.985′ Today’s Hotspot is a shallow rocky point on Onaman Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. We found the Walleye up extremely shallow early in the day and had to carefully drop a jig and minnow among the rocks. By midday, the Pike moved […]

Classic Tutorial: Carolina Rig

In this classic tutorial—recovered from deep inside the Fish’n Canada vault—a moustachioed Pete Bowman demonstrates how to set up a Carolina Rig. “It’s as simple as you-know-what,” says Pete, “and it’ll work when all other methods fail.” Doubtful? Check out this tutorial and see just how quickly Pete’s rig attracts an aggressive Bass.