Northern Rockies Walleye and Grayling – Episode 508

This was Fish’n Canada’s second shoot of the season based out of Northern Rockies Lodge, but it wasn’t the first-ever visit here. Or should we say it wasn’t Pete’s first? Steve Niedzwiecki however, was virgin to this exquisite destination and for the entire stay, he was in awe! Trip #1 of this awesome western Canada […]

Salmon of The Soo – Episode 507

This Fish’n Canada episode finds Stephen Niedzwiecki, making his first voyage on FNC1 Princecraft without the expert guidance of seasoned Fish’n Canada hosts Angelo Viola or Pete Bowman. He took the rig to the St. Mary’s River, next to the city of Sault Ste. Marie, in search of Atlantic Salmon. Thankfully, however, he wasn’t entirely on his […]

Carp British Style – Episode 415

Ontario Canada Carp

You’ve got the Thames River, Football, the Queen, and the Paparazzi… nothing to do with your beloved Fish’n Canada Show in general, but a lot to do with this episode. It’s all about England, Canada, and Carp! Angelo and Pete have now made two trips to the other side of the pond to attend “The […]