Summer School – Episode 480

The Land O’ Lakes region of Ontario boasts some of the most outstanding fishing, hunting, hiking, ATVing, etc. that this great province has to offer. Since we at Fish’n Canada shoot fishing television, that’s, of course, what we came here for—a taste of this spectacular Land O’ Lakes fishing. In particular, we’ve ventured to Fernleigh Lodge on Kashwakamak Lake; it’s a charming, old-fashioned family getaway just off of Highway 41 near the town of Cloyne.

“As a kid,” Pete continues, “I used to fish Beaver Lake, the Madawaska River, Hydes Creek, Lime Lake, and the list goes on and on. We never did fish Kashwakamak, however. And it’s always been on my to-do list!”

The adults decided it was time to start teaching the boys a few of the finer points of fishing. Ang was committed to teaching Hunter how to use a baitcaster (Nik learned the previous weekend while fishing Lake Scugog with grandpa), while Pete would teach Nik how to skip Senkos along the water for a low-trajectory presentation.

“These kids are naturals,” Ang says. “In no time they were pulling off what most adults take seasons to accomplish.”

Next step was on the boat directly in front of the lodge. Again, they passed with flying colours.

The purpose of teaching the young anglers these techniques was not to have them repeat these and only these techniques for this shoot; it was more to help build and refine their ever-growing fishing arsenals. If they needed to baitcast or skip here on Kashwakamak, then perfect—they’d be equipped to handle such an obstacle. But if not? No problem. These are handy skills that any and every angler should be able to employ when the time is right.


It didn’t take Ang and Pete long to figure out that the Bass were in post-spawn mode and the mayfly hatch was in full force, making their targets a bit finicky. But the young lads still came through. Slowly working shallow bays for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, they picked apart Kashwakamak with finesse-style techniques.

Remember, when taking kids on a fishing trip it cannot be all about fishing. On our lunch breaks, for instance, Nik learned how to drive a golf cart impeccably around the property. Don’t ask how he absconded with such a vehicle. But let’s just say he’s a driver!

While Nik drove around in his electric Nascar, Hunter hit the tennis court—but not for tennis. He set up a garbage can against the fence and threw hook-shot after hook-shot, looking for that sweet sound of a three-pointer (of which he made lots). Trips like these are all about fun and a little imagination.


“But the boys performed remarkably,” continues Ang. “It made me and Pete very proud.”

The boys did remarkably well catching bass, casting from a small boat, netting each other’s fish, paddling to new locations, and just plain having a good ol’ boys’ fishing trip.

Kashwakamak impressed Ang and Pete so much with all its potential that they want to return. “But not until well after the mayfly hatch!” Lodge owner Kevin recommends coming back in the fall for some amazing Bassin’. But maybe next time, the kids can stay at home…



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