Hawk Lake, Ontario

Angelo Viola with Hawk Lake Walleye

Location: Hawk Lake, Ontario GPS: N49º 45.384′ W094º 02.631′ Species: Walleye This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is on the main-lake side of a point leading into a shallow boulder bay on Hawk Lake in Northern Ontario. With the bottom here being so flat, look for fish on your sonar. By using a combination screen of Traditional, […]

Rice Lake, Ontario (Carp)

Location: Rice Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 15.135′ W078º 06.164′ Species: Carp This Fish’n Canada Carp Hotspot is on Rice Lake in Southern Ontario. Rice Lake, along with the rest of the Kawartha Lakes, is known as an all-around fantastic fishing lake—with Carp included. During a past Fish’n Canada shoot, we pre-fed the area with boiled […]

What Line is Best For Your Popper

I’ll admit, I’m technically classed as an Old-Schooler. And trust me, there’s no embarrassment factor involved. That said, I am always looking for “new and improved” in every facet of fishing. This piece is about reverting to the basics—in this case, the fishing line. This photo shows you the ultimate in Old School, the classic […]

Lake Nipissing, Ontario (Multi-Species)

Location: Lake Nipissing, Ontario GPS: N46º 13.645′ W79º 55.728′ Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskellunge This Hotspot was located during our 2016 Fish’n Canada Bootcamp* up at Chaudiere Lodge. It’s a back bay that harbours Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, the odd Pike, and if you’re really lucky, you could even tie into a […]

Muskoka Lake, Ontario

Location: Muskoka Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 57.500′ W079º 23.609′ Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a point for Walleye, Pike, and Smallmouth Bass. If the fish are cranked up, then throwing 3-5″ plastics are your best bet. If the fish are slow and lethargic, then you may have to switch to live […]

Reaching Deep for Walleye – Episode 513

For this late fall Fish’n Canada episode, Steve Niedzwiecki and I head to my old stomping grounds, Ontario’s Bay of Quinte. As far as cold, open water is concerned, Quinte is one of the worlds best for big Walleye. This body of water is one of my absolute favourite Walleye waters in the entire country. […]

Ritchies Back Lake Specks – Episode 512

This Fish’n Canada episode is somewhat of a nostalgic one for me. Nostalgic in the sense of the quarry I’m after, the Brook Trout, or as they’re sometimes called, Speckled Trout. These gorgeous little creatures have always been a high priority in the Bowman family fishing adventures. To this day, my dad still tells stories […]

Hotspot – Bay of Quinte Walleye

Bay of Quinte (Adolphus Reach) Walleye – N 44° 03.989’ W 76° 57.566’ Today’s Hotspot is an area along Adolphus Reach, which joins Lake Ontario to the Bay of Quinte. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. When trolling random areas for migrating Walleye, make your passes wide apart at first to […]

Gettin’ There – Bay of Quinte Picton Harbour Inn

To get to today’s awesome giant late-fall Walleye fishing, Steve and I first drove east on Hwy 401 and then took road-49 south at Marysville. We next turned left onto Bridge Street at the 3-way intersection in downtown Picton. From there it’s a quick left to the parking lot at the Picton Harbour Inn. This […]

Gettin’ There – Ritchie Falls Resort

To get to today’s amazing Brook Trout fishing, Pete first drove north on Hwy 400 to Hwy 69. Then turned West on Hwy 17 to the town of Massey. From there, he drove north on gravel roads 553 and 810, before ending up at the gorgeous Ritchie Falls Resort. After enduring the long drive through […]