All About Carp – Episode 511

Carp fishing has come leaps and bounds in Canadian waters lately and we feel it’s for good reason. Since Carp “get it”, that’s finding an angler’s offering and taking the bait, followed by a rip-roaring battle, then they too should be on the sport-fish list. We get it that some will disagree, it’s a to […]

Hotspot – Lake Scugog Carp

Lake Scugog Carp – N 44° 09.410’ W 78° 54.902’ Today’s Hotspot, is a large clean bottomed flat on the fertile Lake Scugog in Ontario. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This Hotspot can be accessed either from a boat or from the bank at Sunset Haven. The beauty of fishing hot […]

Gettin’ There – Lake Scugog & St. Lawrence River

To get to today’s Carp fishing location, for Pete’s portion of the show, he took Hwy 401 to Simcoe street north in Oshawa. He then turned right onto 7A at Port Perry. After crossing the Scugog causeway, he turned left, heading north on Island road, and next turned left onto Stephenson Point road. He finally […]

Did You Know? – Carp in Ontario

Did you know that the Common Carp is one of the most revered game-fish in the world? Places like England, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, and the Netherlands are among the most popular. However, Ontario’s Carp fishing in terms of size and numbers, is on a par with and often surpasses these world-class destinations. The introduction […]

Edible Wild Food – May 11, 2019

This is prime time for foraging for wild foods in the forest. Karen Stephenson from Edible Wild Food is an expert on safe choices picked from the forests and wetlands in Ontario.

John Winters – May 11, 2019

Great Time of the Year for Wildlife Viewing, moose and deer moving to their summer range; lots of deer grazing on new grass. But as much as we like to see the wildlife, there are some sobering statistics on wildlife collisions on our roads. John joins Angelo to talk more about the statistics.

March 30, 2019 – Dr. Steven Cooke

Dr. Steven Cooke, from the Cooke Lab at Carleton University, will be Angelo’s guest. Dr. Cooke is concerned with the results of a recent Canada wide survey on recreational fishing, which suggests that the next generation is not as interested in fishing as the baby boomers. Learn more at

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 2) – Episode 491

As mentioned on the previous episode, Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1), we hosted and filmed the inaugural Fish’n Canada Carp Cup, where 16 two-man teams from various provinces competed for three-and-a-half days to catch one of Canada’s strongest freshwater fish! The teams were set up in designated “pegs” along the Long Sault Parkway on the […]

Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1) – Episode 490

The Fish’n Canada Television Show has taken a turn in the last decade or so in that we are now looking at Carp as a viable target fish species as well as a great television subject. “Back in the day,” says Angelo, “we were like most other Canadian anglers… we didn’t even consider Carp fishing. […]

Hotspot – Fish’n Canada Carp Cup (Part 1)

St. Lawrence River – N 45° 1.539′ W 74° 53.611′ Today’s Hotspot is an area close to “The Pines”, which was the winning peg during last year’s competition. The key to this Hotspot is to cast close to the current seam, which is a natural feeding area for all species of fish. Sweet corn and/or […]