What Rod “Action” Really Means

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Before you buy any fishing rod there are some basic facts you must know like what and where you’re fishing. This will determine one of the most important features of the rod you choose: its action.

The action of a rod has several determinants. First and most important is the taper; from butt to tip, the diameter of the rod decreases. Second is how thick the blank material is and how tightly it’s wound—this will determine the action. And finally the material itself, like graphite or fibreglass.

Regardless of the material, the taper determines the point at which the rod first begins to flex or bend. If this happens near the top, it is considered a fast-action rod. If it happens around the middle, it’s a medium-action. And if the rod flexes from tip to butt, it’s considered a parabolic or slow-action rod.

Pete Bowman

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