Will Robots Replace Outdoor Writers? | Outdoor Journal Radio ep. 109

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This week on Outdoor Journal Radio, Ang and Pete are joined by Editor-in-Cheif of Outdoor Canada Magazine to discuss how technology is changing the way we experience the outdoors.

First, however, a bit of housekeeping was in order. Topics discussed included: life as a hall of fame; in-cheifs; our upcoming LIVE show; Pete’s swearing habit; 20-foot ashtrays; forest firefighters; failing polygraphs; BC vs Ontario Pike; and whether Pike are mentally sound.

With those matters out of the way, Patrick joins the show! Topics discussed included: Arctic heat waves; casual PBs; print media’s stability; the return of Field and Stream; reading newspapers; the fall of VICE; TV’s strengths; AI’s threat to outdoor writing; how to get published; how much writers can make; how to get on a magazine cover; Merrium wild turkeys; Striped Bass on topwater; and much more!

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