by Pete Bowman

I love this blog thing, I don’t even have to write about fishing!!!

I had to go up into an attic this past weekend to check out a problem with a bathroon exhaust fan. To make a long story short, I donned the coveralls and sniper-crawled across the joists totally replacing the tubing and the fan. Now if anyone has had this same problem you well know that something more than likely has gotten into the vent hole and decided to winter or breed in there. I’ve seen this many times. On this adventure I found 3 dead bird carcasses along with what looks like a Robin’s egg. The plastic tubing was shredded apart and the birds even started nesting between the joists in the insulation. Not 5 feet away from all the avian carnage was a huge bee hive hanging from the ceiling joists. I felt like Marlin Perkins up there!

And you people thought all we did around here was fish!!!

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