Outdoor Journal Radio: The Latest Pandemic Casualty

Just a quick note for those of you who may have missed the announcement a few days ago: Outdoor Journal Radio has gone into hiatus until some time in mid-August. The pandemic has been holding up our Fish’n Canada shooting schedule, but it now looks like we’ll be hitting the road very soon to try to catch […]

New Canadian Record “Lake Sturgeon”?

Lake Sturgeon

Not sure if our Fish’n Canada fans have heard of or seen it yet, but a northern Ontario angler had the incidental catch of a lifetime recently. Coel Forsyth who resides in the Lake of the Woods area of Ontario was out for an evening bass outing when the unbelievable happened. Here’s his story It […]

Port Hope Puts Halt On Opening Day Trout Fishing

Port Hope Halts Opening Day Trout Fishing

The town of Port Hope, Ontario has decided to postpone/cancel the 2020 Trout opening day scheduled for Saturday, April 25th. Every year, on the last Saturday of April, thousands of anglers fish from the banks (and wade) in the tributaries that empty into Lake Ontario. The Ganaraska River in Port Hope is probably the most […]

BC Fishing Tackle Company Expands East

BC Tackle Company

It all started 112 years ago when tool and die maker Rufus Gibbs of Vancouver began making fishing lures under the name Gibbs Fishing Tackle. In 1968 the company was sold to George Whatley of Kamloops, BC. An inventor of well known and very productive lures the Koho and Kit-A-Mat. George was the owner of […]

Big Changes in the 2021 Bass Fishing Season?

For those of you that fish for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Zone 20 of Ontario, you need to read this. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have put forward a proposal towards a bass fishing season change. I’m included in this group of anglers as I hit “20” numerous times in a […]

Licence Free Fishing Weekend (Feb 15 – 17th)

Family fishing

If you ever wanted to hit the ice, or any remaining open water (Great Lakes, flowing rivers etc.) but buying a fishing licence was holding you back, then this coming License Free Fishing Weekend is your time. On February 15, 16 and 17th anglers in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan will […]

Don’t Forget To Renew Your Fishing Licence

ATTENTION FISHING LICENCE HOLDERS, IT MAY BE RENEWAL TIME FOR YOU This is a post reminding everyone that has an outdoors card to take a quick look at your card renewal date to make sure that you will be legal for the fishing and hunting season(s) to come. If you are in that Ontario group […]

B1 Putting fish first – taking steps towards the future

B1 Fishing is officially investigating alternative solutions for fish care at tournaments moving forward. For the past 11 years, the B1 organization has processed and released thousands of healthy bass back into the bodies of water visited. The B1 has constantly improved and enhanced both the equipment and processes necessary in managing live bass to […]

GPS Rollover – April 6th

April 6/2019 Is Rollover Time What is the GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)? The GPS system is world renowned for its ability to provide accurate and reliable positioning and timing information worldwide. The GPS satellites transmit to users the date and time accurate to nanoseconds. However, back in 1980, when the GPS system first began […]