Muskoka Lake, Ontario

Location: Muskoka Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 57.500′ W079º 23.609′ Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a point for Walleye, Pike, and Smallmouth Bass. If the fish are cranked up, then throwing 3-5″ plastics are your best bet. If the fish are slow and lethargic, then you may have to switch to live […]

Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

Location: Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 52.242′ W077º 0.585′ Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a small Bass bay on the north side of Kashwakamak Lake. The key to this bay is the wood and cabbage weed—perfect for both species of Bass. Any Bass bait will work here. Just be aware that it can […]

Fish Talk – Ostriches and Walleyes

Hiya folks, I’ve got a question for you today: What do ostriches and Walleyes have in common? Well, the answer is ostriches don’t usually—don’t ever—stick their heads in the sand and Walleyes are rarely belly-to-the-bottom totally inactive. Walleyes are much more aggressive than we give them credit for, and that’s why you shouldn’t start the […]

Campbell River, British Columbia

This month’s hotspot is along the Picturesque Campbell River in British Columbia. You can easily access this Hotspot via a Whitewater Raft with Destiny River Adventures. This Hotspot is a fly-fishing only area of the Campbell. While there, Ang & Pete used small bright colored sinking flies with weighted lines and tippets to get their presentation close to the bottom… a key in this area.

Trips Are For Kids – Episode 437

This is the final episode of our 2013/14 season and we positioned it that way for a reason. It’s a very special episode (and one that has been a long time coming) that features Pete’s two boys, Hunter and Cole, as well as Angelo’s grandson Nik. This was a shoot that included the whole enchilada: […]

Froggin’ on the French – Episode 418

French River

Although the French River was originally used as a transportation corridor by the Algonquins and Ojibwas who lived in this area in the early 1600s, it wasn’t until the 17th century that it truly became an integral part of our nation’s history. Used by early explorers, missionaries and fur-traders such as Pierre-Esprit Radisson, Samuel de […]