Things have been absolutely nuts around here… but that’s usual as Ang and I have been road warriors yet again as the warm weather is upon us.

We have been in Northern Ontario at Eddie North’s Attawapiskat Adventures for big Northern Pike, to Lodge 88 for another get together with the Kaden Brown Foundation guys while enjoying Esnagi Lake Walleye, to Waterfalls Lodge in Spanish (Algoma District) for some outstanding Smallmouth action, Saskatchewan for get this… Largemouth Bass fishing and still trying to fit in some fishing time around home! Ya’ gotta’ love it eh?

Here are some of the pictures we have accumulated so far:

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  1. Hey,Angelo and Pete,you are making me jealous.I can’t imagine the fun you must have had. I seems to be a great place to fish since the lake has been quite popular with other fishing shows. Calvin (Super Fan)

    1. It just came to my attention that another great hotspot in Northern Ontario is Bass Lake on Manitoulin Island,in the town of Sheguiandah,on highway #6. It is loaded with bass,walleye and pike. There is one boat ramp which is very shallow so you may have to back your boat in slowly,but you shouldn’t have too much trouble. I’ll let you in on a little secret,it is rarely fished if at all during the season because most people drive right by it since it is somewhat secluded from highway #6. If you would like a quiet time on a lake,with plenty of fish,this is the place. I am heading up there next week! Calvin (Super Fan)

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