Extending Your Boating Season | Outdoor Journal Radio ep. 115

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This week on Outdoor Journal Radio, Ang and Pete are joined by Steve Tait, Vice President of Maple Leaf Marinas to answer all of our spring boating questions!

First, however, a bit of housekeeping was in order. Topics discussed included: Hydro Time; Service Ontario; talking to dogs; fish variants; Survivorman; whether fish change size once they die; and starting your own bass club.

With those matters out of the way, Steve joins the show! Topics discussed included: getting your boat stuck in the ice; watching the Masters from your snowmobile; when anglers should get their boats in the water; why your boat might not be insured; taking in mud; starting your motor for the first time; dry running; barking; muff efficacy; aluminum vs. fibreglass; and much more!

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