Fish’n Canada Carp Cup Standings After Day 03

Here are the standings for Day 3 (June 01, 2019) of the Fish’n Canada Carp Cup

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  1. Alright you “Son’s of Fishes”!

    Vasilios Anastasiadis and Paul Cioca continue to increase their weight class with a combined 120.14 lbs. Holding on to first with some added heft over the past few days seems to indicate the big “Daddy’s” are taking up space in peg # 9.

    Peter Smith and Anthony Winter in second place after day one (peg #11), have slipped to ninth with 4 fish at 94.04 lbs but are still within reach of the top three.

    Taking second and up from sixth spot, Jason Morton and Simon Stewart (peg #4) with some great come back action. A tally of one 15.15 lb. Carp on day one to four on day two totaling 71.05 lbs and an astounding 111.01 combined weight on day three. Seems like these guys have first place in their cross hairs.

    Team mates Nicolae Ursachi and Mihai Siciu (peg #17) had a strong third place start landing two fish at at a combined weight of 45.10 lbs. after day one, but struggled a bit on day two, dropping to sixteenth overall. They picked up the place slightly on day three bagging two more fish to increase their total to 82.8 lbs.

    Most outstanding is the “Dynamic Duo” of Dave Pendlebury and Clint Murray (peg #1) who stood tied for twenty-second place after day one. Putting the peddle to medal they shot up to the second slot on day two with four fish at 106.0 lbs., only to drop down to third on day three but upping their weight to 108.05 lbs. Six teams have now cracked the 100 lb. mark. Another six are within a close proximity.

    Unfortunately, Pegs #7, 15 and 18 have not fared as well, hauling in one fish at 19.11 lbs., 18.12., lbs., and 19.15 lbs respectively over three days of fishing.

    Martin Boulanger and Marc-Antolne Maille on peg #13 have got to be thinking, “Gloom, despair and agony on us. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all. Gloom despair and agony on us.

    Cheer up there fellas! I have gazed into my “Ichthyologists Crystal Ball of Perpetual Prognostication” and have found a bit of Poetic Justice in your misfortune.

    Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody….Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  2. Hold up there all you “Bad Basses” !

    The Fish’n Canada Hot Spot Article on Long Sault, Ontario, dated May 8, 2019 it was stated, “This Hot Spot is directly in front of the winning “Peg” in the 2017 Carp Cup.

    As I mentioned in my commentary in this Lake St. Francis article, the Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section (or choke) of a river.

    In fluid dynamics, an incompressible fluid’s velocity must increase as it passes through a constriction in accord with the principle of mass continuity, while its static pressure must decrease in accord with the principle of conservation of mechanical energy. Thus any gain in kinetic energy a fluid may occur due to its increased velocity through a constriction is balanced by a drop in pressure.
    An easy meal awaits the downstream fish.

    The St. Lawrence river is loaded with these types of “Hot Spots”. Locate any Venturi anywhere and you will definitely find your target fish stacked and ready.

    I may also add, another Fish’n Canada Article dated, January 4, 2016 states, “This Hotspot is an area known as Canada’s Carp Capital in the Long Sault area on the St. Lawrence River. This area was made famous by European anglers travelling abroad and boasting catches of a lifetime in both numbers and size.”

    Angelo and Pete shot a past Fish’n Canada episode here and were totally impressed with the quality of the Carp fishery in this area. Their best luck came on corn (sweet-canned as well as flavored specifically for Carp). If Carp is your game, then this is a must-try Hot Spot.

    Now Ladies and Gentlemen, a very prominent question seems to have entered the equation. Since last years winning “Peg” was directly adjacent to one of these “Venturi”, what if any effect will they have on this years champion? The logistics in this case speaks volumes.

    Secondly, Vasilios Anastasiadis and Paul Cioca are currently in fist place. So, where exactly is Peg #9? I would almost say for certain it is near one of those natural wonders.

    No doubt, the “Venturi Effect” will challenge even a Mathematician’s Methodology. My prognosis : This years champion will prove once again, “One’s ability to cipher a numeric code is not in the mathematical equation itself, but in one’s own intelligence to perceive the unknown.”

    Stay tuned, the final episode of “The Venturi Effect” is coming up!!

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