Frequently Asked Questions


Please find the answers below to frequently asked contest questions. If you still need help, please reach out to our Technical Support team for assistance.

Why am I not able to submit a daily entry into the contest AND/OR Why are my entries not showing up when I click ‘View Entries’?

This is simply an internet browser cookies issue.

  1. First, clear your internet browser cookies:
    • Make sure you are clearing your entire history of cookies by selecting ‘All time’ under time range.
    • Make sure you are not confusing ‘Cookies’ with ‘Cached’ files.
    • You can consult this page on how to clear cookies specific to your internet browser.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try entering the contest in private browsing/incognito mode, which can be accessed in your internet browser by going to File > Open New Private/Incognito Window.
  3. Lastly, try using an alternate browser than the one you are currently using (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge) and that should fix the problem.

Where do I find the Livestream bonus code?

The bonus code is provided on-screen at the end of each weekly Livestream. The code will remain on-screen after the hosts depart for a minute or so to ensure it can’t be missed. The Livestream is also always available to view on our YouTube channel after the initial broadcast.



Where do I enter the Livestream bonus code?

After you submit your daily entry, there’s a section on the post-entry page where we list bonus opportunities. Locate and click on the “Tuesday Livestream Code” option, enter the code, and hit the submit button.


Why doesn’t the Livestream bonus code work?

  • Double-check you are spelling the bonus code correctly. Make sure you are entering the code exactly as we have it posted (no spaces, no quotation marks, keyboard CAPS LOCK off), as the contest system is case sensitive.
  • Make sure you are entering the most recent Livestream code and that it’s not expired. The Livestream bonus code will be accepted up until 11:59 pm EST on the Monday following the Tuesday broadcast.
  • After entering the bonus code, a little green checkmark appears to indicate that the code has been accepted, but it tends to disappear quickly. If you miss it, you may think the code hasn’t been accepted, therefore you re-enter the code. The “Invalid Code” error will then come up because the code has already been entered. Make sure to click “View Entries” (after submitting your daily entry, above the list of bonus entry opportunities) and see whether or not the code was accepted and the bonus points awarded.


After I submit an entry ballot, why are my total entries now lower than I previously had?

  • When submitting an entry ballot, if there is a typo entering your email address, the contest system will view you as a new contestant, showing you the total entries under the mistyped email address. Make sure that you enter the correct e-mail address so that the ballots are added to the proper running tally associated with your account.
  • If your entries are still not showing up properly, please try clearing your browser’s cookies or use an alternate browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, and this should fix the problem.


Why does the contest generate a new Qualifying Question after I click the “Hint” button?

Clicking the “Hint” button will open up a new tab in your browser showing you the information required to answer the question. The original tab will stay open. When you are satisfied that you’ve found the answer, just close the new tab and return to the original tab to submit the answer. If you navigate back to the contest page another way, it will cause it to randomly generate a new question.


How do I view the contest bonus options?

The contest bonus options will appear on the post-entry page after submitting your daily ballot. If you navigate away from the post-entry page, just click on the website contest page again. Select the contest you want to participate in. If you already entered your daily ballot, you will be taken directly to the post-entry page with the bonus options.


How do I participate in Fish’n Canada’s weekly Facebook poll?

To participate in our weekly poll, you must join the Fish’n Canada Fan Club. Follow the link, or type “Fish’n Canada Fan Club” in the Facebook search engine, locate and click on the group. On our Fan Club page, click the ‘Join Group’ button. You will then have the ability to cast your vote and comment on our weekly poll, which can be found under ‘Discussion’.

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