Hitting the Road with YETI and the Outdoor Journal Radio podcast

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This month, YETI and Fish’n Canada have teamed up to give away the ultimate road trip prize package to one lucky listener of our brand new podcast – Outdoor Journal Radio.

Starting this week, listeners of the show can enter daily to win our YETI prize package (valued at over $700) containing the Loadout Gobox, Daytrip Lunchbox, the Can Colster, and a few other bonus items to make your next fishing trip more enjoyable.

So, in honour of the contest’s launch, we wanted to walk you through a few of the YETI products included in the package and how we use them out in the field.

Protect your Gear with the YETI LOADOUT GOBOX™

The Yeti Loadout Gobox

The YETI Loadout GoBox is a waterproof, dustproof, and extremely durable gear case designed to withstand the daily abuse dished out on most trips to the backcountry.

Being 100% waterproof, one way we like to use our Loadout box is as a beefed-up boat bag. On trips where we are forced to portage or constantly move equipment, this box has come to replace many of our soft-bodied dry bags and allow us to transport everything from camera gear to spare reels to tackle while knowing they are going to be dry and in one piece when we get to our final destination.

This box is also great for its ability to be stacked along with other gearboxes and coolers, something that simply isn’t an option with traditional soft-bodied dry bags.

Plan Your Meals with the YETI DAYTRIP™ LUNCH BOX

The second item in our giveaway is the YETI Daytrip Lunchbox.

Though the box may look simple, the hard body of this lunchbox is great when packing a truck, boat, or floatplane and keeps your bread from squishing and your fruit from bruising much better than a traditional bag. The Daytrip Lunchbox is also great at keeping water out, so soggy sandwiches are no longer on the shore lunch menu.

Lastly, this bag also provides great insulation and will keep ice packs frozen and drinks cold all day long, even in the middle of summer.

Keep your Can Cold with the YETI COLSTER®

The last YETI item in our giveaway is the Colster, and its function is rather obvious…

Few things are better after a long day on the water than a cold drink (whatever that may be) and Fish’n Canada and YETI want to make sure it is really cold.

In fact, the Colster promises to keep your beverage of choice straight-from-the-cooler-cold until the very last sip on even the hottest of summer days. The Colster is also made with kitchen-grade stainless steel so puctures or rust is of no concern no matter how hard a night it was at camp.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to our contests page and see how you can enter this incredible giveaway for over $700 worth of YETI products. And, for a few bonus entries, be sure to subscribe to the Outdoor Journal Radio podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts!

Good luck!

Fish'n Canada

The Fish’n Canada Show first aired in 1986 with phenomenal success. In 1988 the program went coast to coast on CBC, the first North American weekly fishing show to broadcast on a national network. In 1992 the show went into syndication adding Global Television Network, prominent CTV and affiliates, and several cable networks. The move resulted in unprecedented fishing audiences. With the addition of WFN U.S. and The Sportsman Chanel Canada today the Fish’n Canada show dominates the airwaves with a national weekly reach of 3.5 million and ama of over 450,000 easily making it one of the most-watched “outdoors” programs in North America.

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