Adolphus Reach, Adolphustown, Ontario

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Location: Adolphus Reach, Ontario
GPS: N44º 2.706′  W76º 59.753′
Species: Walleye

This Hotspot brings us back to the great Walleye waters near Lake Ontario. It’s the drop near Buoy Q1 in the Adolphus Reach—home of the giant fish!

The Adolphus Reach may be the #1 Walleye Migration Stretch in the world! That’s right, folks: Literally thousands of giants swing up the reach every fall on the way to their spawning destinations. This Hotspot gives you a great shot at intercepting them.

If you have a map or a mapping program then you will note that there is a shallow shoal on the inside of the waypoint. Remember, if you are deep-trolling, to stay clear of this area. You can also try a run closer to the shore in around 20+ feet of water, especially in the evening.

Mann’s Stretch 15, 20 and 30s all work here, as well as Reef Runners. Experiment with colours. Silvers, golds and purples, however, have all been working here for years.

If you don’t encounter fish near the waypoint/buoy, then it’s time to start burning some gas and start spreading your trolling patterns. Look for fish on the depth finder and concentrate on that area.

[flexiblemap center=”44.045100,-76.995883″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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