Lac Seul, Ontario

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The Fish’n Canada Hotspot for this episode was a slight bottom contour on Ontario’s Walleye-rich Lac Seul.

It doesn’t look like much from above the water, however, if you run a chart plotter with good mapping or you Quickdraw your own map, you’ll see a distinct bend in the drop-off which leads up to a big flat.

This is one of a few similar areas where Pete started out by trolling and/or casting faster moving baits in search of active groups of Walleye. Once found, he then put his trusty jig & minnow to work.

Location:Lac Seul, Ontario
GPS:N50º 33.384′ W091º 55.346′

Baits: Jig & Minnow, Swimbaits, Spoons

Presentation: Drifting or Slow Trolling

Depth: 8-20 Feet

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